…and so-called pound foolish

pen·ny-wise or pen·ny·wise (pn-wz) adj. Careful in dealing with small sums of money or small matters.

Or so it seems. At times, so careful; at others, not so much. Looking for that shiny happy medium in between the precipice of broke and the heights of rolling in it. Making do along the way with what I have, which amounts to a decade’s worth of menial espresso wielding skills and just as many years of bookish education.

Writing is my life’s blood, but it’s yet to pay the bills. And, until it does, I am bound to feed the muse and wax poetic on what moves me, soothes me, irks me, drives me to the pen (or the keyboard) in the middle of the night. So, here it goes, this wildly uncharted journey…

Take it for what it is, or what you will.


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