What’s in a date?

My fiancé and I have been noodling over setting a wedding date for awhile. At first, it was contingent upon when my sister could fly out to Cali, but now that I know she can’t make it (but still wants me to skype her into attendance), we’re pretty much wide open.

So, with virtually no budget and little interest in establishing a theme or mood or whatever it is betrothed people do throughout their engagement phase, we’re leaning toward eloping — and I couldn’t be happier.

But there’s still the question of when. When is the most auspicious time for us to tie the knot? Something I never considered the first go around. With such a short engagement that time, it was simply a matter of when we could get a place on such short notice.

Lacking a definitive budget, whatever place is free works for us. We can take a detour along a drive through the redwoods, jump out of the car and meander into the woods until we’re ready to say, “Yes, I do! And you?”

As long as we have our sons, our dear friend as officiant, our license paid for ahead of time, we’re all set to go.

I’ve just got this funny inkling that the stars need to be aligned in our favor, that the universe is supposed to tell us what’s the right time, so I’ve consulted an auspicious wedding date calculator online. Whatever works, right? Only my mate thinks it’s silly, because, as he tells me, “Whenever we want to get married is the right time!”

What’s in a date, anyway? I would get hitched today, dusty blue jeans and all. I’m ready. No need for a theme or fancy dress or overinflated budget. Just me and my love and our vows to one another.


2 comments on “What’s in a date?

  1. Shari Shires says:

    I have always loved the idea of eloping. But alas!! Alack!! I was never asked!!!:( The vows made during a wedding are so very personal..truly meainingful when expressed to the person we love and not meant to be the cause for a lot of people gathering because of social obligations and looking for an excuse to party. I will be looking forward to hearing about how and where you and Mat exchange your promises. Grandpa and Grandma Hudson eloped and it seems to have worked out quite well.

    • Amber Hudson says:

      Thanks for offering your thoughts, Aunt Shari. Our family has definitely had a good track record with eloping!

      We’ll have our families in our hearts when we take our great leap into marriage. And we’ll make sure to take pictures that we can share with everyone.

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