the small stuff

Don’t sweat it, you say?
Todo es poquito, verdad?

Mind, I’ve got an axe to grind with ya so
what’s a girl to do, huh? What’s a girl doin’

swimming in my dreams? Little radiant
ball of sunshine basking in wonder

all aglow — now there’s a vision for you…
See you seein’ me crossing paths —

Who’da thunk it? Us and Them
poised on the precipice

to adventure we leap
awakening to love, letting go

of hang ups and let downs and
your timing sucks, man! What were you…

thinkin’ ’bout You and not Them.
(All haters and doubters and betters beware.)

Don’t sweat it.
Suppose all we have is today

to live freely. Now there’s the rub — at what price

Leery eyes and brutish thoughts, what haunts you?
Mind, I am freer now to just be

me and the night and the music that moves me.
I refrain from lingering too long on the pauses

in between mindfulness and forgetfulness —
those chilly wayward stares and emphatic silences.

Who’s to say what course to love is truest?
So many voices —

deafening the call. To act one way is pleasing
to some and not others. To be me is simple,

tho too much to bear at times…
I try not to sweat this —

this mingling of all that is me
is the driving force of mind.

Little radiant ball of sunshine basking on and on —
who’da thunk it?


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