my latest addiction

Perhaps it’s the reason I’ve been neglecting my blog of late. I swore I would never let myself get caught up in this kind of habit.

I saw the allure when my kid got sucked into it. And there was no stopping him. Monitoring and limiting, but no stopping. After all, everybody’s doing it, right?

Facebook — that super convenient social networking tool — got me hooked too.

I scoffed when my brother-in-law and sister invited me play Mafia Wars. Then other friends wanted me to join in something called FarmVille. I wouldn’t take the bait. I’d been a moderate gamer long before Facebook. My ex-husband had introduced me to Mario and Zelda, as well as my favorite, Sim City. That was old school, long before the internet, long before Facebook.

I knew that if I wandered curiously into these newfangled games, I’d get hooked all over again. So I avoided them all, that is, until my son got online and started playing FarmVille. He kept sending me these requests to send him things like ‘feather gel’ for his farm, said I didn’t have to play, just click on the link. So I’d click on it to appease him, to make his gaming experience better, but the catch was that it would appear on my profile that I was now a FarmVille gamer as well. I got a flood of requests from my FarmVille gaming Facebook friends who wanted me to give them something for their farm, or take something from them for mine. I’ve ignored them all. I don’t get why anyone would want to play this goofy game. I’ve watched my son beam with pride over his crystal lambs and timing his virtual harvests and I just don’t get it.

I don’t get virtual farming or virtual mobsters. What I do get is words. I like anagrams. I love Scrabble. So it’s no wonder that when I discovered an online version of Scrabble on Facebook called Words With Friends I became hopelessly addicted. It started two weeks ago. Now, in addition to monitoring my son’s time playing Facebook games, I’ve got to monitor my online game habit as well. I also need to not take it so freaking seriously. Just because Zynga (the Facebook gaming company) thinks that TOOLKIT is not a word doesn’t mean that I have to stop the game I’m playing, wage complaints until they add it to their lexicon, and then resume the game. (It’s not worth the wait, anyway. They state they’ll get back to you in 48 hours, but they don’t.)



2 comments on “my latest addiction

  1. badramoon says:

    Oh! I’ve been so tempted to contact them about words that really need to be added to their dictionary. But I didn’t think it would do any good. But I’m with ya on the obsession. I’m serious about it, too. I want my friends to think I’m the BEST SCRABBLE PLAYER EVER. 🙂 That’s probably not something worth worrying about though!

    • Amber Hudson says:

      It’s tough to let it go when your only move is to add KIT to the end of TOOL for a triple word score. There are so many words in their lexicon that aren’t in everyday use at all, so when you can’t play TOOLKIT it just seems so wrong. I’d also like it if they had a bilingual version so I could play in both Spanish and English. I’ll just have to save these allowances for the home version, I guess.

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