leapin’ leap day traffic

I had no idea that writing about my desire to get a tattoo on my birthday would generate so much extra traffic to my blogsite.

Apparently my idea to get a tattoo on my rare birthday isn’t so original. Several people stumbled upon my blog after doing a Google search for “leap day tattoos” today. My blog was showing up fourth on the list earlier today, although now it’s dropped quite aways down from there.

In the top slot for the “leap day tattoo” search was a webpage touting Leapified Tattoos. Apparently, a lot of my fellow leap babies have gotten frog tattoos to commemorate their leapness, which I think is pretty cool. (A frog would look great slinking up my leg, wouldn’t it?)


2 comments on “leapin’ leap day traffic

  1. Aunt Shari says:

    NO! NO! NO! No frog slinking up your leg! Gram did not like frogs at all. And a frog tat on your leg does not sound like a good idea. I have a ceramic frog of Gram’s that I will gladly pass on to you.

    • Amber Hudson says:

      Oh, yeah. I forgot about her aversion to frogs. I just thought it was interesting that all the depictions of “leap year tattoos” on that site were of frogs. As if frogs are the best totem creature for Leap Year Babies.

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