lost and found

It was your face that struck me —
ageless beauty
rock star grace.

And I was helpless to love you.
Tho I began uncertain,
you swayed me

with those kind eyes,
that sweet smile of yours
and such depths of laughter.

Life was in your voice —
seized and savored.
I wanted to share as much with you as you would let me,

pretend I was your geeky sister
who wanted to go to all the fab parties too,
who wanted to protect you from the dangers of the world as well.

I have failed you, failed myself
as your surrogate sister —
lost you forever from this mortal soil.

You come to me in thoughts, in dreams,
a voice from the ether of memory —
close and confiding.

I saw you dancing in the park
to that tune they played for you.
You were smiling. You were laughing.

And I miss you


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