newlywed rambles

I wanted to write about all the DIY crafty decor and favors I’d been working on for the wedding, little by little, and then post them all on my wedding day like a good (disciplined) writer. This did not happen.

(It’s amazing how much time it takes to fold and string 1,000 little paper cranes amid everyday life.)

I wanted to write about our matching wedding band tattoos (my very first one).

I also wanted to write and post the speech that I forgot to give on our wedding day. So many people to thank. Why did I think I could pull that off extemporaneously?

The only words I had planned were to thank my boss and my husband’s boss for hiring us when they did. Thanks to both of them, we met there in that kitchen shared by an Italian restaurant and a coffee house. As small as our little town is, we might still never have met otherwise.

I couldn’t find the right words for it in the moment, for how much I wanted to thank them and everyone else. You were all so wonderful, just being there for us (some of you in spirit or from afar). I am truly grateful for our family and friends who came together to help us make our offbeat wedding a joyous day to remember. [Real Thank You notes pending.]

Married life is pretty sweet. My husband continuously amazes me. He finds things that need to be fixed and then he fixes them. He made a bike rack out of an old bunk bed frame recently. He’s been known to cook without being asked at restaurant-quick speed, and I love him dearly for this and so much more. His love and dedication to his work and our family makes me want to be a better wife, mother and writer. [More rambles pending.]



One comment on “newlywed rambles

  1. I only just found your blog now- but this is so cute!!! So happy for you both. I love that you met under such it-never-woulda-happened-otherwise circumstances. I bet your bosses are very proud. So cool!

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