the honeymoon phase

Just over two moons ago, my husband and I tied the knot. We had a simple, do-it-yourself beach wedding followed by a scrumptious potluck feast at a nearby park with an amazingly talented band.

A lot of people couldn’t make it (perhaps because our wedding was at noon on a Monday), and this made for a more intimate gathering of dear family and friends. Thanks to all of you who joined us in putting on a DIY wedding! (Thanks also to those of you who sent your love and well wishes from afar!)

We are so grateful to have such talented, hard-working family and friends!

Our Invitation Specialist, Jamie, and our Grill Master, Jerad, with their daugther, Emily. (In-laws who rock!)

Dancing with my Cupcake Diva, Mary, and my Hair/Makeup Stylist (mi primo), Freddy.

Many thanks to mi prima, Jodi, and 3/4 of her kids (Freddy, Amaya and Veronica [behind camera]). They were invaluable worker bees with the set up/decorations and nifty candid camera work. Thanks also to my longtime friend, Christina, for her joyful reading of Dr. Seuss during our ceremony!

My husband, the Banner Maker!

He made that cake topper too. Pretty crafty, Mat!

Think anyone noticed my something blue?

I think I missed talking to a few people, as I became so enraptured with dancing (for the first time ever with my husband, Mat) that I did not venture away from the grassy patch in front of the gazebo for quite sometime. I apologize to those of you who I did not greet personally. I would say, blame it on The Tipsy Gypsies for enticing us to dance and dance and dance some more like the goofy, shameless couple that we are, but it was we two who could not help but lose ourselves in Dionysian blisses.

And so that’s how it’s been. For quite sometime now, I have been blissed out newly married woman. Since getting married, I’ve battled two colds, contended with a broken tooth, dealt with the headache of consolidating student loans (and many other daily dramas), and in spite of any and all setbacks, I’m still smiling contentedly. I often lose track of time in this blissed out love state, which can cause me to forget to call my sister or update my blog. Forgive me, sister, for I am in love!


2 comments on “the honeymoon phase

  1. I love you sister! So happy for you and your family, and still sorry I missed your blessed day. We will all share in these many years and milestones ahead. You had a beautiful day and will have a wonderful life!

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