bargain huntrix

To tell you the truth, I would not have bought that pair of brand name skinny jeans on sale (at the department store next to where the cheap movie theatre used to be) if it hadn’t been for the price–$5 on clearance. What a bargain. And they fit. And they look and feel damn fine (even though I hate skinny jeans, I must confess).

[And this would not have been such an awesome bargain had that particular shopping trip not been immediately followed by a trip to the secondhand stores, where used jeans were going for $6 and up. (You must know that I’m a bit of a germophobe. I don’t like the idea of my clothes sharing an unknown history with someone or ones else. All the better that I can prove to my husband that good jeans can be bought brand spanking NEW for cheaper than creepy mystery jeans).]

This is how I manage (despite my meager barista income) to keep myself in designer blouses and tees, cute little khaki shorts and my favorite brand of jeans [the only one, in my opinion, that can amply accentuate my curviest bodily feature–thank you foremothers for this derrière].

But this goes far beyond myself, of course. (The self is the least of it.) I strive to find the best deals, the best bargains, the best sh*t for my family and friends this holiday season.

This holiday season has just begun, you say? Oh, no. Not for me. I started shopping two weeks after my wedding (that was in August).

In my opinion, after years of dreading and putting off holiday shopping until the last possible moment, I’ve discovered that this is the best possible week to shop (besides Boxing Day and beyond). Don’t let those Black Friday fools fool you.

I’m sorry, dear husband, for spending so much time noodling over themed gifts for my new beloved in-laws, and for trying to find the perfect used fiction for everyone in the family to read. Maybe not everyone will love Dostoevsky, Vonnegut or Robbins. Maybe they won’t like receiving themed gifts as much as I enjoy putting them together. But the most important thing is that they were found at a great bargain, they were thoughtfully chosen, and those jeans look damn good on me (and oh, what a use value!).


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