my sensory deprivation detour

It all began with my fruit-branded laptop (the one to replace
the doof-branded laptop that got me through the early years of college,
the one that got me through my last year of undergrad,
my unsuccessful stint as a perpetual student,
and until quite recently).

The screen keeps going black (or so my son informs me via home to work call,
at a place and time which leaves little option for me save to make a meek declaration
of inherent Ludditism and complete inability to solve the problem now
or ever).

The geniuses at the bar don’t need my money (sure, they’ll take it and this issue
can surely be fixed for a beyond my budget sum, so I just set ‘er aside and shall wait
until after Christmas).

She’s functional, sorta, but I avoid her just the same (leaving me more time for
Carver, Dostoyevsky and hand scribbles, less time for reality tv marathons).

And then my ear stopped functioning as a tool for listening [black screen, now deaf ear].

I had just been to see a doctor for my cold, and was assessed a big whiner for
having such clear lungs, told that I should just ride out this ‘simple virus’.
So when my ear stopped functioning I figured I should just ride this thing out, too.
I’m not in any pain, I just can’t hear you, or myself for that matter, much of the time.
But it’s gone on too long, and now that relentless ringing again!

I need to get this body into the shop, diagnostic fees be damned!
Yet still, there’s Christmas.


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