All is well in Hallucinationville

Day 4 on the cleansing fast and I’m a little less bitchy, a lot more spacey and my dreams have grown wildly intensely vivid. I dreamed I was staring into a woven basket lined with cherry tomatoes. Ripe, red and succulent little tomatoes. I’m sure I stared at those babies for half an hour, which was likely an eye’s blink in real time. They were so luscious looking and I just wanted to eat them–eat them all!

I can see why this diet has been a favorite of small poundage dieters seeking to lose a quick 10 to 15. Four days and I’m already 5 pounds lighter. Not that I did this to shed pounds, mind you. That’s just icing. On the cake I’m not eating today.

It’s hard to follow Dostoevsky when the words begin to dance upon the page. Hard enough to follow as is; so much depth in there! I want to dive in, but my eyes will not comply. They’re too busy staring at your aura. Has that been there all along? How is it that I haven’t marveled at its glow before now?

You know, you are so beautiful to me! (Most of my epiphanies are merely timeless love song titles. So unoriginal am I!) I try not to pester you too much with my fawning affectionate gaze. There, I drifted off for a spell. Yeah, that keeps happening.

Drinking all this spicy lemonade makes me want to open a lemonade stand shaped and painted to look like a lemon. I’d tow it behind my car to only the best surf beaches. And then, I would likely go bust on this operation because surfers don’t have wallets in their wetsuits. What was I thinking?

No, I’ve gotta park that thing somewhere else. And add some food options. But it’s hard to think of food right now. A burger would be nice…

Processed food gives me the willies now. That’s what’s left in my sad little bellowing intestinal tract, the sludgy remnants of too many jr. bacon cheeseburgers and so many curly fries.

I get queasy now just to think of any food that I cannot pluck from a branch or vine or dig up from the earth.

All those juicy tomatoes call to me from the yard.


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