Song for Mattie

I’ve been off the deprivation diet for a week now. Feeling like one of those snuffed out Survivor contestants on a Ponderosa episode (except they went 20 plus days on a handful of rice a day and I only made it 6 days on lemonade).

Everything tastes new again and I’m baking something new everyday (the perfect thing to offset the chill of fall in California). I love the aromas of rice pudding, banana blueberry walnut bread and peanut butter cookies, don’t you?

Today is an especially special baking day; my family’s all headed to a dear friend’s wedding this afternoon at my favorite wedding site, The Cayucos Creek Barn, with homemade pies.

I love weddings at the barn. I’ve been lucky enough to get work crashing weddings out there this past wedding season. Best gig ever! For any good wallflower (who doesn’t mind not drinking any of the excess alcoholic beverages that are found at 99% of weddings), getting a job as a spry go-fer for some of the liveliest and happiest groups of families and friends is a tremendous joy. There is also the occasional bonus, like getting turned on to Daft Punk (every wedding should be about getting lucky, yes?), as well as getting to take home a huge chunk of Humboldt Fog, or even a few dozen cupcakes.

But this wedding reception ain’t about cake; it’s all about pie. At least that’s what it says on the invitation, so we’re bringing at least half a pie per person and hoping for a great dessert potluck feast tonight after witnessing some hearty nuptials.

I wrote a song for you and Justin, Mattie! Can’t get the dang thing out of my head. (That and a whole smattering of labor poetics, confessional poetry, all that sort of jazz comes out post detox.) I’m not quite ready to play it for y’all just yet, but I will work on getting the family band to figure out how to play that song that’s in my head in time for your anniversary. For now, know that I love you and want you both to be happy together! It’s a beautiful day for your wedding!




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