Snake in the Grass

I sat in the lower corner of the yard in a squatty little plastic garden chair, as Zelda ambled along behind me. I began to scribble on a 3 x 5 note card, taking myself seriously as a writer (for a change). I began to write:

New Daily Writing Rituals:

So engrossed was I in my task that I leapt three feet up and out from the squatty chair when I heard from behind Zelda an unmistakable hissing.

IMG_1076Zelda jumped away from the hiss as instinctively as I, but was too curious, as dogs will be, regarding all that wriggling behind her.

I yelled at her to get away, and quickly put her inside (much to her disappointment). The poor little pretend rattler is bloodied from battle with a raptor (or other nearby foe) from before its close encounter with Z.

Okay, so maybe it didn’t just fall from the sky as I surmised on facebook. Maybe it passed through the chicken yard and somehow got away from Sacha, Naomi and Fluffy’s relentless pecking. Only the snake knows for sure.


One comment on “Snake in the Grass

  1. Oh boy thank god it didn’t get you! Whoof that’s so gnarly and is a sign of great change I believe ..

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