In the Late April Garden

I’ve had a delayed start to my spring garden this year. There I was in late February, shrouded in winter, contemplating which seeds to plant this coming spring when I noticed that my neighbor’s corn was knee high.

I recalled a story someone once shared with me regarding a student who was to have a visit from her master. The student spent all day in diligent toil preparing for her master’s arrival. The master arrived, saying, “Did you see that beautiful sunset tonight?” To which she replied, “No, I missed the sunset today. I was too busy preparing for your visit.” The master exclaimed: “Such a pity. Too busy to enjoy the sun!” Such is life, too often, when we do not truly savor the preciousness of time.

Better late than never, I think now. Keep going.


While waiting for the seeds to grow, Mat and Sage helped me build a makeshift bonus yard for our spoiled chickens. Otherwise they would have munched on or dug up all of the tomato, pepper, pea, cucumber and watermelon plants that are being planted this week. (They sometimes fly out and do their best when I turn my back on them.)


I need to throw them weeds and flowers to keep Naomi, Sacha and Fluffy (not pictured) from feeling too deprived. They once had the run of the entire backyard most days, but chicken-poopy shoes is often no bueno and they have come to appreciate what snails and stick bugs and food scraps I throw their way each day.


My chicken patrol sidekick, Sagerito, is growing up so fast.


Speaking of sidekick’s, check out my sweet new ride Mat got me (and is preparing for roadworthiness — I love you, Mat!).

Well, it’s back to the garden for now with Zelda to determine whether or not the chicks flew the coop in the time it took me to clack this post.


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