DIY: Chicken Waterer

Traditional Watering Can

Traditional Water Can

We picked up some new chicks last June, and wanted to add a second waterer to the coop. The hens still prefer this more traditional watering can.

I found plans for our new chicken waterer at Community Chickens, an excellent resource for the beginning chicken caregiver. We went with a food grade BPA-free bucket from Amazon for under $20. The lid, we found out afterwards, was sold separately, so we picked that up at our local hardware store. Poultry nipples cost just a few bucks more. After that, all you need is a drill, crescent wrench, elbow grease and a place for it to hang from inside of your coop space.

Chicken Watering Bucket hangs from back of coop L-R: Sacha, Fluffy, Naomi and Jane (deceased).At first, we hung the bucket from the back of the coop. The chicks didn’t seem to like it there much. The little ones still had to stand on a rock to reach the watering nipples.

Once they got bigger, they liked to stand on top of it, which caused the handle to break from the lid. We would need to hatch a better system for our bucket waterer.

A few weeks ago, I got my a-ha moment about just what to do. It’s what happens when you’re planning a trip to the dump and you say to yourself: “Remember what Ms. Clemens, your 8th grade science teacher used to say, ‘Don’t forget the three Rs, Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!”

So if you happen to have an old newsstand laying around in your backyard, don’t take it to the dump. Reuse that pulp stand as an easy chicken water stand. Just make sure to secure the bucket to the stand, just in case of earthquakes or wily chickens.

Newsstand Chicken Waterer


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