A Tale of Two Dogs

A few months before our wedding, in the spring of 2012, Mat’s son and dog came to live with us all the way from St. Louis, MO.


Zelda had never seen the ocean before, but quickly adapted to rushing headlong into waves for the thrill of it. She especially loved to leap up to bite dangling seaweed from our hands.


Our blended family lived all together for a few years with this wonderful dog.


Zeldita was cool with dress up time, and monkeying around, whenever the mood would strike.


But one day, my stepson chose to return to his mom, who had moved from St. Louis to a much cooler city in Oregon. Zelda joined him.


We miss their smiles, and the joy they have shared with us.


We’ve also missed taking hikes without a poop bag and a very grateful friend, so–after several months of welly-eyed watching of dog-related commercials–we rescued Jesse, a one year old border collie/cattle dog mix.


He’s delighted to have a new home with us, and wonders who the heck’s this Zelda he’s always hearing so much about. They’ll likely be besties, if they ever get to meet.


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