In the middle of my Leaping Birthday

Jes and I decided to change it up  today, so we headed for the beach instead of the dog park or hills. He has trouble meeting dogs for the first time, so this proves more challenging than the average hillside jaunt. Every small dog owner was under the impression that it was perfectly normal for their pup to run right up and sniff Jesse’s butt. And then I end up looking like an asshole because Jes turns from a semi-relaxed dog to an attack beast without my warning them that this might happen first.

Most people without dogs could not be bothered to give me the time of day. As if it were just any other day and not some bonus day that gets thrown in to make the Gregorian calender fit the astronomical calendar. Bonus days ought to be treated like bonus pay–as a quantifiable reward. But, then again, like Oingo Boingo says, “It’s just another day!”

We stopped near the pier to trash a bag of Jesse poo, where I greeted a dear old friend, Patrick. He said hi back like he hadn’t seen me in so long that he simply didn’t recognize me. Or he was so engrossed in talk with his 3 other dude friends that he didn’t want to ruin that vibe to hug an old friend on her 10th leaping birthday. Whatever it was, I didn’t feel like reminding him of the nature of my existence in relation to his, or interrupt those guys commenting on the gnarly surf action nearby. So we carried on toward the pier.

I stopped at the wall in front of Ocean Front Pizza, and saw another old friend who warmly said hello and asked me how I was as he passed by. He also remembered my name. Thanks, Jas.

I sat at the wall for a few minutes, took off my backpack, and pulled out some water for Jes and I. A considerably off-putting tweaker lady meandered up to me and Jes. She wanted to pet him. I had to explain that he’s quite shy, as I took over the task of soothing him. I think he was far more freaked out than I as she proceeded to tell me the story about her giant 65 pound dog that was just gifted to her that is also shy. I was grateful when she became distracted by a modelesque  surfer half-peeling off his wetsuit over at the nearby outdoor showers and listed away.

Jes and I proceeded northward along the beach, careful to avoid the lady now gabbing up that unfortunate, sexy surfer dude. I took a few shots on my new cellphone, but as I am ever the Luddite, I’ve yet to figure out how to upload them to the web-o-sphere. Luckily, there was enough room in my backpack to include my trusty old school camera.

If I could dub this day a holiday, it would Put Your Phone Down & Smile at Everyone & Enjoy this Rare Journey Day! I tried, and made connections, but quite a few people still could not be reached for tacit acknowledgment of our shared inhabitancy on earth, and what a lovely day this is. How is it that some people can walk down the beach and stare at their cellphone screens? I’ve gone so long without one, that’s just so odd to me.


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