A Tale of Two Coops: Part Deux

By three weeks of age, our troop of new chicks were a chirping handful.


L-R: Lola, Pee Wee, Mystery, Cuckoo, Athena & Opal

They didn’t much care to be handled, in spite of what I’d read about needing to pet your chickens regularly on some of the homesteader forums; this suited us all just fine. They needed to be fed and watered at least twice a day, and, no matter how often I cleaned up their bedding, the familiar scent of a barnyard could never quite be masked by even the most promising of household perfumes.

Their near constant chirping and chick play was both a source of delight and eager anticipation of their eventual move outside.


Within days of their arrival in the new coop, the old hens, Naomi and Blondie, got booted back to this old coop for awhile to give the new chicks some time to grow without a regular hen-pecking.

chix5The chicks appreciated the ease of acclimating to their new habitat without Naomi around.

chix6All chicks are healthy & due to lay first eggs any day now. Naomi still hasn’t acclimated to so many little sisters. She survived 2 raccoon attacks that killed 2 of her besties; she only cares for Blondie now.


Blondie’s been pretty chill with the new chicks. She’s the friendliest, most chatty hen we’ve ever had, and (due to her girth) she’s very easy to catch. She also thinks the camera is a treat, so she’s ready to crowd all chicken selfies whenever possible.


One comment on “A Tale of Two Coops: Part Deux

  1. Chickies! They’re fun to hold and pet. I love the little chicken noises they make when they’re curious.

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