dichotomous self


I. Writer & Homemaker

These two gals from contrary poles,
shall they align to produce a common will?

II. Shifts

Writer awakens,
a dream/story on her mind. She could write
this down. Walk the dog first. Repeat some key lines
as they greet the day. How will it go?
Something with a snake in the yard again?
She can’t quite remember,
but she plays with a phrase, on her tongue
the words clack as she keeps watch
for coyotes and mountain lions. This could be
a Weird Al-esque song, she believes.

But she’s too far ahead of her ideas; this
nonsensical morning self-aggrandizing won’t do.

She’ll return home to make coffee & breakfast,
tend to the chickens & start laundry.
The floors could use a mop shine,
not to mention that mountain of Sisyphean dishes
in the sink. By noon, she’s hankering for a pb & j
with a side of a mini Survivor marathon.
Before she knows it, it’s time to prep dinner.
Where did the time go? She wonders, as she totes
another load of laundry off the line in between
checking on the roast and sweet potatoes.

III. Realignment

Writer & Homemaker make a pact
to cooperate. It’s a work in progress.

Writer promises to take breaks when her butt falls asleep.
Homemaker’s job becomes a recirculation workout
rather than an exercise in blocking the muse.

Half as many dishes get done that way.
They both couldn’t be more excited about that.


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