About Me

Bumbling Luddite writer seeks online writerly networking. I dig humor, good poetry, really really bad poetry and nonfiction horror. Grad school & high school dropout with a B.A. in English from Cal Poly and a love of word play.

Unfamiliar with either band or literary villain “Pennywise” before I started this blog. What can I say,  I was going for more of a Shakespearean Three Stooges nod. Think: Have you met Penny? She’s a real wise poet! My name’s Amber, an entirely different shade of brown.

I live on the Central Coast of Calfornia with my husband, son, stepson, dog and new dog.


I’ve been a barista, professional wedding crasher, waitress, backstage theatre grunt, horrid little sister, skeptic & soothsayer. When I  was 4, I tried to reenact Richard Pryor material for my family; it didn’t go over well. That same year, I thought my uncle was Reggie Jackson’s secret identity. I was the first kid in my 6th grade class to grow a mustache; I was really hoping for boobs that year.


2 comments on “About Me

  1. thebitchybride says:

    Hey Miss Pennywise Poet, I’ve just discovered your blog and am loving it. I too am a broke barista-come-writer planning a wedding, but on the other side of the Atlantic. It’s nice to know people face the same challenges all over the world. Can’t wait to read more xxx

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